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Welcome to The Official Website for the Eastern Region of Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. We are a proud fraternity of brothers who aim to embrace the importance of leadership, character, and achievement through service.
Brothers, to achieve our goals in the upcoming year we must commit to the oath we took as members of this beloved organization. As incumbent President, I have developed a six-part agenda for the Eastern Region to flourish and succeed in our mission.

I. Develop young brothers and cultivate the leadership potential in us all. Our young brothers are the future of our fraternity, and the future leaders in our community.
II. Ensure the involvement of ALL brothers both financially and individually.
III. Unify to increase communication and exposure throughout the region, including expansive web visibility and modernized recruitment efforts.
IV. Community service and involvement shall remain our top priority.
V. Educate others about AIDS Awareness through ALL endeavors. The betterment of the lives of our brothers and sisters are our greatest motivation and greatest reward.
VI. Sustain the individuality that has made Phi Delta Psi the fraternity it is today. Harnessing our leadership, individuality, and commitment to service, shall propel Phi Delta Psi to the future with endless promise.
As this season of change begins to draw to a close, we must not let the spirit of change die in our hearts. The progress that has taken place in our country as a whole must also remain evident in our efforts locally. By remaining in service to our fellow man, we must unify to combat and claim victory against the many problems that plague our neighborhoods such as AIDS awareness and prevention, financial aid for higher education, and the primary need for mentorship and guidance. Our goal is neither simple nor finite, but our commitment to this great fraternity is merely an extension of our commitment to our families, our communities and our aspiring younger generations.

Yours Truly,
Stefan L. Ryan
President, Eastern Region
Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc